Email Lists

The Department has several internal email lists. Some individuals are displayed as members in order to send emails to the lists but do not received the emails. If you have difficulty sending to the list please forward to a member or email for access.

Members Description

(faculty assistant tenure-track)

(faculty assistant non-tenure-track)

(faculty associate tenure-track)

(faculty associate non-tenure-track)

(faculty full tenure-track)

(faculty full non-tenure-track)

(faculty emeritus)




(grad ms students)

(grad phd students) (undergrad major students) (undergrad minor students)
Combination Email Lists

(students_grad + students_ugrad)

(students_grad_ms + students_grad_phd)

(students_ugrad_minor + students_ugrad_major)

(faculty_asst + faculty_assoc + faculty_full)

(faculty_asst_ntt + faculty_asst_tt)

(faculty_assoc_ntt + faculty_assoc_tt)

(faculty_full_ntt + faculty_full_tt)

(faculty_asst_tt + faculty_assoc_tt + faculty_full_tt)

(faculty_asst_ntt + faculty_assoc_ntt + faculty_full_ntt)

(faculty + staff + students_grad + postdocs + visitors)

(faculty + staff + students_grad + individuals)