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Research Servers

Some faculty have research servers that were purchased for a specific research project or for their students to use. Access to these servers are requested by the faculty member that owns the server.

To access these servers it is usually done remotely by either ssh or remote desktop depending on the OS of the server. VPN connectivity is required when accessing these servers from off campus.

[Data Security]
The data on these research servers is not backed up. Many times the data is stored on multiple hard drives to help ensure data security in the event of hardware failure. Please practice some sort of data backups of your research programs/results to other locations.

On linux systems, it’s important that you use programs like tmux to run your simulations in, else when you log off your programs will stop.

View Current CPU Load
iostat -c (Linux server.)
wmic cpu get loadpercentage (Windows server.)

[New Programs/Updates]
You do not have access to install new programs or updates on these research servers. If you need new programs/packages or updates run on these servers, please email
(Please include the name of the research server you’re using in any requests.)