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Statistics Seminar

232A Withers Hall

Speaker: Matthias Katzfuss From: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Statistics Title: TBA

Alex Long’s Final Defense

SAS 1216

Methods for the Analysis of Functional Data with Environmental and Biological Applications

Xinyu Zhang’s Final Defense

Meeting ID: 920 9139 9647Passcode: 534502Dissertation Title: Global Optimization and Time Series Forecasting

Biostatistics Seminar

Time: April 11, 4:30-5:30pmlocation: SAS 5270  zoom: zoom link (Meeting ID: 989 4520 8567 Passcode: 970176)Speaker Names: Mike Baiocchi / Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Population Health / Stanford University            Jordan Rodu / Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics / University of VirginiaPronunciations: bye-oh-key                   …


5104 SAS Hall

Chenyin Gao and Nate Wiecha