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Clubs and Organizations

A group of students at the Basketball Analytics Summit

Make the most of your time at NC State by getting involved in one of these statistics-focused student groups, or explore other NC State organizations.

Statistics Club

Statistics Club is for those interested in statistics and related professions (or for those just looking to meet and socialize with other stats majors). The purpose of the club is to expose people to the endless applications of statistics and what a career in stats really looks like, along with providing opportunities for members to network. The group hosts a variety of speakers who talk about their research and careers, which range from working for famous sports teams to working at the FBI, and also takes field trips to places like SAS.

Sports Analytics Club

The Sports Analytics Club is a student-run organization committed to the quantitative analysis of sports strategy and management. This club, which is open to all students and faculty at NC State, encourages and enables students to share ideas and complete research projects on any topic related to sports statistics. The club meets approximately every two weeks on Monday nights. On weeks with no meeting they sometimes get together to play a group sport.

Actuarial Club

Actuarial Club hosts local actuaries, organizes study materials and tutoring for actuarial exams, discusses current industry trends and events, and shares information on actuarial job and internship postings.

Mu Sigma Rho

Mu Sigma Rho is the national honorary society for statistics. Its purpose is the promotion and encouragement of scholarly activity in statistics and the recognition of outstanding achievement among the students and instructional staff in eligible academic institutions. Mu Sigma Rho involves graduate students at all levels, undergraduates, faculty and professional statisticians. Activities include outreach and service to the profession. Selection is based on GPA. Contact the organization’s campus adviser, Charlie Smith, for more information.