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Information for New Freshmen

COVID Guidance for Fall 2021: NC State is currently planning for Fall classes to be held in their normal face-to-face manner. Of course, if the pandemic situation changes there may be shifts in those plans.

Welcome to Statistics at NC State University!
Congratulations on deciding to become a Statistics Major at NC State. We are excited to begin the process of working with you to reach your educational goals. Starting on June 1 you will be able to sign up for Fall classes. New Statistics majors have been chosen to participate in the Self-Registration Program, which allows you to register for your classes online before New Student Orientation (which we will still be doing in July, but using an online format). The website linked above provides a variety of resources to help you through the process of course enrollment, including tutorials that describe the use of our online registration system. You should already have received from the University three of the four things you need to register for classes: your Unity ID, password, and PIN.

The fourth and final thing you need is some guidance in finding the courses you need. You will automatically be enrolled in the following courses:

  • COS 100: Perspectives on Learning (all College of Sciences students take this)
  • ST 114: Statistical Programming (this course is reserved for ONLY freshman Stat majors, so it will be a great opportunity to get to know your cohort for the next few years)
  • ST 311: Introduction to Statistics (many of you have AP credit for this class)
  • Math: a calculus course based on the results of your placement exam or AP scores

That will get you to 9-12 credits. The minimum full-time schedule is 12, and a good load for your first semester is 12-15 credits. Since most courses are 3 credits, that means you should be thinking about adding one or two more classes. At this university site you will always be able to find a model plan for making timely progress towards your degree. We call this the “8-semester display.” Please look at it carefully, and make a special point to read through the footnotes- there is important information there. You probably want to bookmark this page so you can get back to it. If you do not have AP Statistics credit, you will be automatically registered for the 12 credits above. You might be comfortable with that as your complete Fall schedule, perhaps adding a 1-credit Health and Fitness (HESS or HESF) class. If you feel more confident with your time management skills, or if you have AP Stat credit, then you can select one or two additional classes. Looking ahead to the second and third semesters of the 8-semester display, you see that choosing a Communications class (like COM 110) or a course satisfying your General Education Program (GEP) requirements would make sense. One thing we do NOT recommend is taking ST 312 in your first semester if you have AP Stat credit. In the Spring we will have a smaller section of 312 with seats reserved for ST majors, and we strongly recommend that you hold off and take 312 then.

The other sources of help are the academic advisors and undergraduate staff in the Statistics Department. Your advisor will be assigned within the next week or two. Once that happens, the name of your academic advisor will be found in your MyPack Portal. You can contact them by e-mail when you need some help or advice. Ms. Angie Lueneburg is the administrative contact for the undergraduate program and can provide answers to many of your questions. Finally, Dr. Spencer Muse is the Undergraduate Program Director and is glad to talk to you about any problems or concerns you may have.

NC State has a useful page loaded with lots of information for incoming Freshmen.