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Master’s Prerequisites, Requirements, & Cost


Due to the large differences in the backgrounds of our online students compared to that of our on-campus students, the application processes are completely separate and have different requirements.

The minimal requirements for entry to our online master’s program are:

  • an undergraduate degree with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • multivariate calculus (commonly called Calc III – comparable to MA 242)
  • applied linear algebra (comparable to MA 405)

To apply, you’ll need the following items:

  • Personal statement
  • (Unofficial) Transcripts
  • Resume/CV
  • Three letters of recommendation

Note that we strongly value work history and relevant experience of our online applicants.  

GRE scores are not required for an application to our online program.

If you haven’t taken the prerequisite mathematics requirements, you might consider applying to the Applied Statistics and Data Management Certificate program.  This is a four course certificate and the courses can transfer into the Master’s program once you’ve completed the prerequisites.  Click here for more information about the Applied Statistics and Data Management Certificate. 

We currently only accept applicants residing in North America. NC State requires international students to pass the TOEFL, IELTS, or comparable exam unless they’ve received a degree at an English speaking university.  Contact us at for more information about this requirement.  

Degree Requirements

The online Master of Statistics degree is the same degree that on-campus students receive, with exactly the same requirements and the diploma received is the same for both programs. Thirty credit hours (ten courses) are required. 

Coursework includes the following seven required courses:

  • Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I & II (ST 501, ST 502)
  • Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression (ST 503)
  • Applied Statistical Methods I & II (ST 517*, ST 518)
  • An Intensive Statistical Programming Course – choose from:
    • Statistical Programming I – SAS (ST 555*)
    • Data Science for Statisticians – R (ST 558*)
    • Big Data – Python (ST 554* – tentatively numbered)
  • Statistical Practice (ST 542)

* Requirement may be replaced with elective credit depending on background.

The remaining credits can be filled using elective courses.  See our courses page for more information about electives.  For information about sequences of courses and course offerings, see our About us section.


This master’s degree requires 30 credits. See the Online and Distance Education Tuition and Fees page for cost details. Our program falls under the Graduate – Standard DE Rate category.

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office. Generally, a student must be admitted to a degree program (not a certificate program) to qualify for financial aid; most financial aid is in the form of student loans. We encourage you to contact your financial aid advisor in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. For additional information, visit NC State’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website, or call 919.515.2421.

NC State also offers a monthly payment plan.