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Our researchers work together to tackle interesting and relevant problems in a wide range of focus areas.

Students look at computer screens in a statistics lab

Dynamic and Diverse

Every day, statisticians work on practical problems across a spectrum of disciplines. They draw valuable insights from many kinds of data that help experts in everything from medicine to chemistry to finance do better and more informed work.

Explore some of our diverse research areas.

Working Together

Great work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In our department, bright minds work together to drive our research.

Our award-winning faculty researchers involve both undergraduate and graduate students as active parts of our research groups. Graduate students can apply for slots in the department training grants funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Undergraduates analyze data in practicum courses to help solve real-world problems for big clients like the Environmental Protection Agency. They also work alongside faculty and graduate students on campus to learn key skills that prepare them for bright academic and professional futures.

Collaboration doesn’t stop within our department. We work with other researchers, departments and labs across campus to find statistical solutions to far-reaching interdisciplinary issues. We also play a key role in major research centers at NC State, including the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences and the Bioinformatics Research Center.

Using Data to Tell Stories

Professor of Statistics Alyson Wilson collaborates with professionals in the intelligence and business communities to analyze data in ways that help solve some of the world’s big problems. Hear why she loves “getting to play in everyone’s sandbox” and how she tells stories through data.

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Alyson Wilson points at something on a whiteboard while talking to a collaborator