The department offers a range of courses to satisfy major, minor and general education requirements.

See the university course catalog for descriptions of current statistics course offerings.

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Required B.S. Coursework

ST 114 — Introduction to Stat Programming – Python

ST 311 — Introduction to Statistics I

ST 312 — Introduction to Statistics II

ST 307 — Introduction to Stat Programming – SAS

ST 308 — Introduction to Stat Programming – R

ST 421 — Intro to Mathematical Stat I

ST 422 — Intro to Mathematical Stat II

ST 430 — Intro to Regression Analysis

ST 431 — Intro to Experimental Design

ST 432 — Intro to Survey Sampling

Useful SAS Certification Prep Courses

SAS Base Programmer Certification

ST 445 — Intro Stat Comp & Data Mgmnt

SAS Advanced Programmer Certification

ST 446 — Intermediate SAS Programming With Applications


Angie Lueneburg
5268 SAS Hall