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Statistics Department shines at weekly Thursdays at the Bureau event

(November 9th “Thursdays at the Bureau” speakers (L to R): PhD student Eric Yanchenko, Dr. Erin Schliep, Dr. Emily Griffith, Dr Subhashis Ghoshal)

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, the Statistics Department took center stage during the “Thursdays at the Bureau” series, an initiative orchestrated by Dean Lewis Owen to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the College of Sciences (COS). Since its inception on October 12, 2023, this weekly series has showcased the diverse research efforts of various departments within the college. The November 9th meeting was dedicated to the innovative work emanating from our very own Statistics Department.

Dozens attended the event from throughout the College of Sciences, with particular representation and support stemming from the Statistics Department. During this insightful gathering, the audience was treated to succinct presentations from esteemed members of the department, each shedding light on different and diverse facets of statistical research. The quartet of speakers—Dr. Subhashis Ghoshal, Dr. Erin Schliep, PhD student Eric Yanchenko, and Dr. Emily Griffith—articulated their contributions to the field, collectively illustrating the breadth and depth of statistical endeavors within the department.

Dr. Subhashis Ghoshal: Navigating the Bayesian Frontier

Dr. Subhashis Ghoshal initiated the dialogue by delving into the intricacies of his research methodology. His focus spans the statistical theory, computation, and applications of Bayesian methods, particularly for nonparametric and high-dimensional models. From shape-restricted to graphical models, Dr. Ghoshal’s work seamlessly blends theory and application with implications ranging from image processing to biomedical challenges.

Dr. Erin Schliep: Charting Statistical Waters in Ecology

Transitioning seamlessly, Dr. Erin Schliep brought attention to her primary research focus within the Bayesian framework. Her work, anchored in statistical methods for multivariate and dependent data, unfolds in collaborative efforts in environmental science and ecology. She unraveled the complexities of her research by detailing a project assessing the abundance of the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale in Cape Cod Bay, showcasing the intricate dance between imperfect data sources and the statistical models required for meaningful analysis.

PhD Student Eric Yanchenko: Network Dynamics and Structural Understanding

Mr. Eric Yanchenko stepped into the limelight, highlighting the burgeoning interest in network studies. His work concentrates on developing statistical methods for community and core-periphery structure hypothesis testing within networks. Eric’s approach combines theoretical guarantees with practical applicability, contributing to the evolving landscape of network analysis.

Dr. Emily Griffith: The Collaborative Maestro

Concluding the symphony of statistical insights, Dr. Emily Griffith illuminated the collaborative dimension of statistical research. Her role as a practicing statistician has her not only partnering with researchers from across all of the colleges at NC State, but beyond as well with other institutions. Dr. Griffith not only collaborates extensively but also imparts her wisdom to students, teaching them the art of interdisciplinary partnership and communication. Her contributions to video curricula and recognition in joint programs underscore the depth of her commitment to advancing statistical collaboration.

This “Thursdays at the Bureau” session featuring the Statistics Department not only showcased individual brilliance but also underscored the collaborative spirit driving statistical research and innovation. The speakers from the November 9th event represent a microcosm of strong and impressive talent comprising the Statistics Department.