Diversity and Inclusion

The Statistics Department at NC State values and promotes diversity and inclusivity, which are critical to our pursuit of academic excellence. We all benefit from multiple viewpoints, experiences, and perspectives. A diverse environment enables our students, staff and faculty to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace, and helps us to become truly engaged global citizens.

Each member of the Statistics Department and our visitors enrich our community by contributing unique perspectives and backgrounds. It is expected that every member of our community uses their abilities and talents to make NC State a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Math Alliance

NC State’s Departments of Mathematics and Statistics are proud to be gold-level members of the Math Alliance. The goal of the Math Alliance is to be sure that every underrepresented or underserved American student with the talent and the ambition has the opportunity to earn a doctoral degree in a mathematical science.

LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate

The NC State Bridge to the Doctorate (BD) Fellowship Program goal is to increase the quantity of underrepresented students who complete doctoral degrees in all STEM majors (College of Science and College of Engineering) by addressing the factors that affect the pursuit, matriculation and completion of underrepresented students in STEM graduate programs. Fellows will be integrated into the campus community, engage in a suite of academic and research enhancement workshops, build a mentoring network and develop professional development and leadership skills to pursue research careers.

Groups and Listserves

  • Diversity-Mathstat Listserv This listserv provides a forum for discussion and tips for inclusive teaching and mentoring and topics at the intersections of the mathematical sciences and diversity, including announcements for the diversity and inclusion brown bag lunch group and the Statistics and Mathematics reading and discussion group on diversity. We invite everyone to subscribe, contact Seth Sullivant at smsulli2@ncsu.edu.
  • Professional Strategies Working Group. While graduate students receive high-quality research mentoring, professional norms are not generally taught. The Professional Strategies Working Group was established to provide students, particularly women and underrepresented minorities, with mentoring for career success. These groups may face different obstacles than students in the majority. The working group studies decision making and professional behavior, particularly for professional conferences. We also read books on professional development and leadership.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Brown Bag Lunch Group. This is a monthly joint group for graduate students, postdocs and faculty in the statistics and mathematics departments. The meetings are informal, with discussions around inclusive teaching and departmental climate. Meeting times and locations are announced through the Diversity-Mathstat Listserv.
  • Statistics and Mathematics Reading and Discussion Group on Diversity. This group reads and discusses papers on topics relating to diversity and inclusion in which statistics and mathematics can contribute to understanding the issues involved. The theme for fall 2018 was “Can Algorithms Have Bias?”. The theme for spring 2019 was “Gerrymandering.” This discussion group meets twice per semester and is a joint effort of the statistics and mathematics departments.

Diversity-Related Activities of Faculty and Staff

  • GLBT+ Advocates: Several Statistics Department faculty and staff are GLBT+ Advocates. For more information about NC State’s GLBT Advocate Program.

    Please do not hesitate to contact any of the people listed at the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LzKMwiITyU24XM3nwGF8J3DjXNZNG2dMFqECp17qZdg

  • SEAS Grant:The SEAS traineeship program immerses graduate students in a unique interdisciplinary curricular and research environment in which the trainees are team-mentored by a diverse group of faculty and external industry and national laboratory scientists. This is a collaborative project with North Carolina Central University.
  • AGEP-NC Grant: The AGEP-NC project, an Alliance of NC A&T State University, UNC Charlotte and NC State, provides a catalyst for departments wishing to build an infrastructure for their doctoral programs and a culture among dissertation advisors that successfully prepares underrepresented minority (URM) dissertation students for faculty careers in the sciences and engineering.
  • Data Scientists in Training:The Data Scientists Training (DST) program at North Carolina State University is a year-long exploration for high school students and educators. Led by Dr. Eric C. Chi and Dr. Ana-Maria Staicu, the program was designed specifically to introduce high school students to potential careers in data science, this exploration program will also feature activities led by Sustainable Horizons Institute to enable students to explore, plan, and navigate their own career pathways.

Family-Friendly Resources

  • The Statistics Department has Modified Duties guidelines allowing faculty to make temporary adjustments to changes to their responsibilities to accommodate family-related events, such as a new child in the family.
  • The Statistics Department has a baby care room, dedicated for mothers of breastfeeding infants, on the 5th floor of SAS Hall.