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GRAD-Future Workshop

Statistics Department Graduation

Workshop Goals and Description

Grad-Future is a 2-day all-expenses paid workshop in for rising juniors and seniors who are interested in learning more about graduate study in Statistics or Data Science and who are committed to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.

The goal of this workshop is to give undergraduate students an insider’s perspective on what graduate school life is like, how to choose a program and prepare yourself for it, and what to expect and what is expected of graduate students in Statistics and related fields. Participants will meet with current graduate students, alumni and faculty to hear their perspectives.


  • Why go to graduate school?
  • What types of programs are there and how do they differ?
  • How to prepare? What coursework and research experiences are important?
  • How to fund graduate studies?
  • How to find a good match?

Program Dates and Location

Dates: Thursday – Friday, June 8-9, 2023.
Location: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina

Application Information

Application deadline: January 15, 2023.

Who should apply?

  • Rising juniors and seniors in quantitative fields who are
  • Curious about graduate studies in Statistics and Data Science
  • And who combine strong quantitative skills with interest in social justice, diversity and inclusion

The workshop will be especially useful for students from populations typically underrepresented in STEM graduate school programs.

Application Instructions

In order for your application to be complete, please follow these two steps:

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. In one file, include your college transcript (an unofficial transcript is fine), a cover letter, and your resume. Send this file to In the subject line put GRAD-Future, First Name Last Name.
    Example subject line: GRAD-Future Marcia Gumpertz

Cover letter instructions: Please include a cover letter that describes what questions you have about graduate school and what you hope to gain by participating in NC State’s GRAD-Future Workshop. If there are any NC State faculty that you would particularly like to meet, please list those. Also, since the GRAD-Future Workshop focuses on diversity and inclusion, discuss your experience working with diverse populations and/or advancing social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Resume instructions: Your resume should include your name and contact information, education, anticipated graduation date, employment history, awards and recognition, presentations, posters and publications, research experiences, volunteer work, offices and memberships in organizations, and current date.

Selection Criteria

  • Individuals with the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.
  • Rising junior or senior interested in graduate study in Statistics or Data Science 
  • Demonstrated potential for acceptance into graduate school
  • Availability during the program dates

Contact: Dr. Marcia Gumpertz,