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Modified Duties

The Department of Statistics is committed to promoting a family-friendly work environment and recognizes that there are many family-related events that affect the balance between work and family life. As a result, the Department has adopted a Reassignment of Duties Practice with continuation of salary for the purpose of providing a temporary adjustment in faculty members’ duties to accommodate family-related events. This plan provides an extended option for faculty members to manage their professional and family responsibilities and complements the University’s leave policies. Under this plan, full-time faculty members who are appointed to a tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure track position are eligible to receive one course reduction. The course reduction will run concurrently with any leave provided under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Medical and Parental Leave for 9-Month Faculty. Should leave taken under either FMLA or Medical and Parental Leave for 9-Month Faculty extend across two semesters, the faculty member has the option of taking the course reduction during the semester in which the family matter occurred or in the subsequent semester.

The Reassignment of Duties covers family-related matters that require temporary, but intensive attention of a family member. Should a faculty member and his/her spouse or domestic partner both be eligible for a work-load reduction under this plan, either one, but not both, may take the course reduction.

For twelve-month EPA employees, the reassignment of duties applies only after the employee has used the lesser of one-year worth of sick leave or his/her accumulated sick leave.

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