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DEI Teaching Resources

Goal/Mission Statement

These resources are intended to support the development of an inclusive environment in the Department of Statistics.  Resources are grouped by topic – Inclusive Teaching, Inclusive Classroom, etc. – to facilitate easy access to the most relevant materials.

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What is inclusive teaching?

Inclusive teaching recognizes that students and instructors bring their identities, backgrounds, and experiences into the classroom. This recognition impacts the way that we teach and the way that students learn. The social constructivist theory of learning and teaching posits students learn by making meaning for themselves through active engagement with ideas and through social interaction with others. (

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What is an inclusive classroom?

When designing and teaching a course, we as faculty can create an inclusive classroom by recognizing our own privilege when developing courses, acknowledging and confronting our implicit biases, and working to mitigate stereotype threat in our classrooms. (Killpack and Melón 2016). 

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Readings on course design and class activities:

Readings on cultivating a sense of belonging:

What are inclusive datasets?

The history of statistics is closely tied with the eugenics movement. Reckoning with that fact and preventing it in the future may involve stepping away from the idea that statistics and data are purely objective. Context matters, and context is key to statistics. Introducing critical thinking, rationales, and the “big picture” are important aspects of statistical thinking.

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Readings on the history of statistics

Clayton, A (2020), “How Eugenics Shaped Statistics,” Nautilus.

Readings on statistical ethics:

Readings on inclusive datasets:

Thank you to the Department Diversity Committee for supporting the development of this resource.