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5202 SAS Hall

This is a conference room that is scheduled by Google Calendar. There are 10 chairs that fit around the table with additional 4 chairs available around the outside of the room.

Equipment Available:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Clickshare Wireless Presentation Device
  • Wall speakers used with HDMI audio.
  • Hands-free Telephone (only when requested)
  • USB Video Camera on Tripod (only when requested)


  • Use white Sony remote to power on overhead projector
  • Plug in Clickshare dongle into USB port on computer.
    • Use USB-C to USB-A (red) adapter if necessary.
  • Install software from Clickshare USB drive to enable wireless presentation.
  • Click button on Clickshare dongle (turns red) to begin mirroring.
  • Click button on Clickshare donlge (turns white) to stop mirroring.
  • Use white Sony remote to power off overhead projector.