Go Links

Due to NCSU being a Google University, the department shares many google folders to faculty, staff and students. However remembering those Google share URLs can be difficult. Therefore using the NCSU Go Links, we can make shorter web addresses for those google folders. There are “Go Links” for web pages that are used frequently.

Below is a list of Department Go Links.

[Google Shares]
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-grad-handbook/ Department Graduate Program Handbook
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-syllabus/ Department Class Syllabus Archive
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-seminars/ Department Seminar Abstracts
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-prelim-examples/ Department Prelim Examples
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-basic-examples/ Department Basic Examples
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-publications/ Department Faculty Publications Online Material


[Web Pages]
https://go.ncsu.edu/sibs/ Summer Institute in BioStatistics
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-datasets/ Datasets Used for Online Courses
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-photos/ Department FLICKR Photo Albums
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-vtl/ Department Virtual Teaching Lab


[Other Sites]
https://go.ncsu.edu/zoom/ NCSU Zoom Login/Scheduling
https://go.ncsu.edu/stat-discord/ Department Graduate Chat Server