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Zoom Software

Zoom is the preferred video conferencing software used at NCSU. This page steps you through the instructions to upgrade your Windows version for campus computers.

Some helpful information about using Zoom can be found here:

Upgrading Zoom Software on Windows

First uninstall current / old version of Zoom

  • Right click on background / windows Desktop image and click “Display Settings”
  • Click “Home” on the Left Side menu, at the top
  • Click “Apps” icon
  • Scroll Down through the list of Apps and Features and click “Zoom” if it’s there
  • Click “Uninstall” then click “Uninstall” once again  

Now download and install new version of Zoom

  • Open Chrome and follow this link:
  • Click “Download for IT Admin” in the Light-Blue Section (inline with the words “Download Center”)
  • From the resulting drop-down menu, Click the dark blue button for Download MSI under “Zoom Workplace
  • Click “Save FIle” from resulting dialog box
  • Double Click on the ZoominstallerFull.msi at bottom left corner of web browser or from your downloads folder.
  • Click “Yes” in pop-up window to allow Zoom to be installed.