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It’s a Celebration: Fall 2023 Commencement

Warmest congratulations to the graduating class of Fall 2023 in the Department of Statistics! This milestone represents years of dedication, hard work, and the pursuit of knowledge for our undergraduate and graduate students. We would like to offer special recognition to those who have successfully defended their dissertations during the Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 semesters, including:

Conor Mohan Artman
Dissertation: AI for Medicine and Social Good

Subhankar Bhadra
Dissertation: Efficient Statistical Inference Methods for Problems in Network Science

Kasia Dobrzycka
Dissertation: Methods for Extrapolation Detection and Sequential Design and Analysis

Xinjie Du
Dissertation: Two Statistical Inference Problems in Random Graphs

Indrila Ganguly
Dissertation: Selected Topics in Modern Statistical Inference: Scalable Resampling, Spatiotemporal Forecasting, and Posterior Consistency for Multivariate Densities.

Qiang Heng
Dissertation: Some Contributions to Numerical Optimization and Statistical Learning.

Kay Soonmin Jackson
Dissertation: Predicting Paleoclimate and Checking Prediction Performance

Xuan Liu
Dissertation: Generalized Score Test on Categorical Data with General Missing Data Patterns

Peter Norwood
Dissertation: Advancements in Adaptive Randomization for High-Cost Experiments

Qun Sui
Dissertation: Subsampling and Active Learning

Yiqi Tang
Dissertation: Sparsity-encouraging Data-driven Priors in High-dimensional Problems

Han Wang
Dissertation: Statistical Methods for Missing Data and Composite Outcomes in Reinforcement Learning with Electronic Health Record Data

Kang Wang
Dissertation: Nonparametric Bayesian Inference Under Shape Restrictions

Eric Knowlton Yanchenko
Dissertation: On Prior Distributions for Scale Parameters in Hierarchical Models and Inference for Meso-scale Structures in Networks

Herschel Kade Young
Dissertation: Optimal Design and Analysis Approaches for Supersaturated Screening with the Lasso

Yichi Zhang
Dissertation: Statistical Inference with Randomized SVD for Signal-plus-noise Matrix Models and Causal Inference with Continuous Interventions

Yunshu Zhang
Dissertation: Doubly Robust Estimators of Causal Effects in Observational Studies: Theory and Practice

Fall 2023 departmental commencement activities occurred on Friday, December 15, 2023 (at 10:30am) in the SAS 2203 auditorium. Following the ceremony, there was a reception in SAS 5104, providing an opportunity to mingle, share stories, and commemorate the accomplishments of our graduating students. The celebrations continued as our graduates moved on to the larger stage of the University Commencement, scheduled for the next day at PNC Arena (Saturday, December 16, 2023; beginning at 9am). Congratulations, graduates! May your journey ahead be filled with continued success and fulfillment.