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Dr. Emily Hector Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

We are thrilled to announce that our own Dr. Emily Hector is a recipient of the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. The NSF CAREER Award is one of the most coveted honors bestowed upon early-career faculty who have demonstrated exceptional promise as researchers and educators. This highly competitive award is designed to support individuals who not only excel in their scientific pursuits but also exhibit a strong commitment to teaching and mentoring.

Dr. Hector’s project, titled “New data integration approaches for efficient and robust meta-estimation, model fusion and transfer learning”, seeks to develop new methods for aggregating information from multiple datasets in these three distinct data integration problems grounded in scientific practice. This endeavor should improve the robustness and generalizability of scientific findings by leveraging information from multiple datasets. All three sets of methods place a premium on interpretability, statistical efficiency and robustness of the inferential output. The developed approaches will be intuitive, principled and robust to substantial differences between datasets, and will be broadly applicable in myriad disciplines including the medical, economic and social sciences. 

Dr. Hector’s achievement in securing the NSF CAREER award speaks volumes about the caliber of her work and its impact on advancing statistical knowledge. We extend our warmest congratulations on this significant achievement.