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Statistical Genetics Concentration

Required Coursework

In addition to the core courses, the following elective courses are required:

3 hours of Statistics electives. Recommended elective courses are:

  • ST 520: Clinical Trials and Epidemiology
  • ST 540: Applied Bayesian Analysis
  • ST 711: Design of Experiments (or 500 level version)
  • ST 744: Categorical Data Analysis (or 500 level version)
  • ST 745: Analysis of Survival Data

6 hours of Statistical Genetics electives. Recommended elective courses are:

  • ST 721: Genetic Data Analysis
  • ST 590A: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • ST 590C: Bioinformatics II
  • GN 703: Population and Quantitative Genetics
  • ST/GN 756: Computational Molecular Evolution
  • ST/GN 757: Statistical Methods of Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci

Additional Notes on Course Work

Most statistical genetics elective courses rely on the material covered in GN 311 (Principles of Genetics) or a comparable course from another university as a prerequisite. Note that GN 311 will not count for graduate credit.