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Certificate Prerequisites, Requirements, & Cost


The courses in the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management only require algebra (not calculus like our master’s program). The certificate is open to anyone with an undergraduate degree (any field). Applicants should have a minimum 3.0 grade point average as per the Graduate School admission requirements.

If you did not complete your undergraduate degree with a 3.0 grade point average, you can first take courses as a non-degree seeking (NDS) student in order to show you can handle the workload. These credits can then be transferred to count towards the certificate (up to six credits). Contact our advisor Dr. Donna Barton ( for more information about this path.

Certificate Requirements

The online Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management requires 12 credit hours (four courses). Graduate must finish with a 3.0 grade point average. Coursework includes:

  • Two courses in statistical methods:
    • Applied Statistical Methods I (ST 511 or ST 513)
    • Applied Statistical Methods II (ST 512 or ST 514)
  • Two courses in statistical programming:
    • Big Data with Python (ST 554)
    • SAS programming (ST 555 and/or ST 556)
    • Data Science with R (ST 558)

For those with a strong background in statistical methods, the ST 511 or ST 513 requirement may be waived and an additional course taken in its place. For those without a strong background in programming, we provide free short courses in SAS, R, and Python. Our Basics of SAS course is open and available to anyone. If you are interested, more information is available.


This certificate requires 12 credits. See the Online and Distance Education Tuition and Fees page for cost details. Our program falls under the Graduate – Standard DE Rate category.

Graduate certificate programs now qualify for federal financial aid.  Once you’ve been accepted, if you are interested in receiving a federal loan to fund your graduate certificate expenses you can visit and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid can then evaluate your eligibility for federal loan funding.

If you have questions about qualifying for financial aid or about the federal loan program, please visit aid, contact your financial aid counselor, or call 919.515.2421.

NC State also offers a monthly payment plan.