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Award for Outstanding Achievement – Dr. Marie Davidian

The sixth annual Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in Statistical Sciences will be held on Wed Sept 12, 2007 at the University of Alabama Birmingham. This year’s recipient is our Dr. Marie Davidian, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Statistics. UAB- Biostat department will have a ceremony at 9:30am, followed by her seminar on “Toward Individualizing Treatment to the Patient: An Introduction to Dynamic Treatment Regimes,” and a reception at 11am.

This award was established in 2002 to honor Dr. Janet Norwood and to recognize the contribution of all women to the statistical sciences. Dr. Norwood was the first woman commissioner of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and is Past-President of the American Statistical Association. In recognition of her public service, Dr. Norwood received Distinguished rank in the Senior Executive Service from President Reagan.