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Brian Eastwood – Quality Advocate Award 2006

Brian Eastwood, Ph.D. (LCC-global discovery and development statistics), received a doctorate in statistics from North Carolina State University. Since joining Lilly as a research scientist in 1998, Eastwood has focused on statistical methods for drug discovery in neuroscience and obesity projects. He has supported numerous teams in assay validation, statistical design issues, and data interpretation. Most prominent has been Brian’s work on the development and validation of the rat chronic obesity model used by many obesity projects to support candidate selection. Eastwood was co-lead developer of the good research practices In Vivo Biology Research course. For this work, he received a Quality Advocate Award in 2006. Eastwood is lead author in the validation and operations chapters of the Quantitative Biology Handbook. He is a departmental expert on assay validation standards, variance component analysis, repeated measures analysis, and histological sampling methods.