NC State Alumni and Faculty are candidates in upcoming ASA Elections!

ASA election opens on Monday, March 17 and closes on May 15, 2008.
Be Green- Use the electronic ballots!

Here is a list of NC State graduates and faculty (and the other) candidates for various offices.

President-Elect: Sastry G. Pantula and Xiaoli Meng

Statistical Consulting- Council of Sections Representative:
Dennis Eggett and Marlene Egger
Statistical Computing- Council of Sections Representative:
Montserrat Fuentes and Guy Lebanon
Statistics and the Environment- Council of Sections Representative:
Jarrett Barber and Alix Gitelman
Statistics in Epidemiology- Program Chair-Elect:
Heejung Bang and Ruth Pfeiffer
Statistics in Defense and National Security- Publications Officer
Michael Porter and Sinjini Mitra
Survey Research Methods- Treasurer:
Dawn Haines and John Finamore

The statements of the President-elect candidates, and the bios of all candidates can be found at: