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2019-2020 Department Awards

The Department has awarded the following awards to our department faculty:

D.D. Mason Award Winner: Justin Post
This award is made in recognition of Professor Post’s outstanding contributions to the teaching mission of the Department. These contributions include leading the Online Program, developing many new courses in-person and online, and helping faculty make a smooth transition to online delivery in the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. He has also made important contributions to the undergraduate program, undergraduate research, and the statistics sports club.

Cavell Brownie Mentoring Award Winner: Arnab Maity
This award is made in recognition of Professor Maity’s positive and inclusive mentorship and for the genuine care for the undergraduate and graduate students whom he has been teaching and supervising. Dr. Maity promotes a supportive atmosphere and encourages students to think critically and ask questions. Under Arnab’s remarkable guidance, eleven PhD students have graduated and moved on towards successful careers in Statistics, and another six are in the pipeline.

Dennis Boos Faculty Award Winner: Tom Reiland
This award is made in recognition of Professor Reiland’s extraordinary teaching service to the Department, especially his unselfish willingness to accept the Department’s most challenging teaching assignments; and his remarkable flexibility with regard to last-minute changes to his teaching assignments. The collective impact of his contributions on his colleagues has been substantial. Numerous are the semesters in which Tom’s generous nature has benefited faculty by allowing them to alter their teaching schedules in order to take advantage of research opportunities or to deal with family matters.

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