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Jun 12, 2008

William Neal Reynolds Professor – Dr. David Dickey

It was announced today that Dr. David Dickey will be appointed as a William Neal Reynolds Professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences effective July 1, 2008. 

Jun 12, 2008

ASA Fellow – Dr. Montserrat Fuentes

Dr. Fuentes will become an ASA Fellow at the JSM in August, 2008. 

Jun 12, 2008

ASA Fellow – Dr. Zhao-Bang Zeng

Dr. Zeng will become an ASA Fellow at the JSM in August, 2008. 

Jun 10, 2008

Infinite Possibilities Conference 2007

The fundamental goals of the Infinite Possibilities Conference are to educate, promote, support and encourage underrepresented minority women in the mathematical and statistical sciences. 

May 27, 2008

Sastry Pantula – 105th President of the American Statistical Association

antula, who will serve as President-Elect for 2009, heads new slate of officers; election turnout was largest in ASA history 

Mar 26, 2008

NC State Alumni and Faculty are candidates in upcoming ASA Elections!

Here is a list of NC State graduates and faculty (and the other) candidates for various offices. 

Mar 26, 2008

PAMS Awards for Excellence 2008

Congratulations to Karla Nevils and Felicia Harris for their nominations to SPA awards in PAMS. Karla's hard work, especially on the search committee this year, was recognized. Felicia's work through the transition period of hiring and training our Contracts and Grants Manager (Arnita) and Account Tech (Beth), while she was learning her own new job was recognized. 

Mar 22, 2008

Dave Dickey – Outstanding Extension Service Award

Congratulations to Dave Dickey for being named an Outstanding Extension Service Award recipient for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and induction into the Academy of Outstanding Faculty Engaged in Extension! 

Feb 12, 2008

PAMS Award for Teaching Excellence 2008

The College of Physical And Mathematical Sciences (PAMS) recognizes nominations for outstanding teaching and mentoring each year. 

Jan 24, 2008

ENAR Distinguished Paper Award 2008

NCSU Statistics student Min Zhang won the 2008 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Award for her paper "Improving efficiency of inferences in randomized clinical trials using auxiliary covariates".