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Computer Labs

The department maintains two labs for student usage. The labs are listed below with a description of the equipment in each lab. The logins to the labs are restricted to departmental users.

5285 SAS Hall

This lab is open to statistics undergraduate and graduate majors.

  • Seats: 24
  • Computers: Dell Optiplex 7040
  • Specs: Windows 10 AD, i7-6700 3.4GHz 4 Core Processor, 32GB RAM, 1GPU
  • Extras: 2 B&W Printers, 1 Color Printer

4213 SAS Hall

This lab is open to statistics graduate majors only.

  • Seats: 14
  • Computers: Dell Optiplex 7060
  • Specs: Windows 10 AD, i7-8700 3.2GHz 6 Core Processor, 32GB RAM, 1 GPU
  • Extras: 2 B&W Printers