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R Software

R is a free statistical software package heavily influenced by S. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

When installing/upgrading R on a Windows PC it is recommended that you do the following:

  • Browse to C:\Program Files\R\R-Version
  • {Right Click} Library
  • {Click} Properties
  • {Click} Security
  • {Click} [Edit]
  • {Click} [Add]
  • {Type} Everyone
  • {Click} [ ] Full Control
  • {Click} [Apply]
  • {Click} [OK]
  • {Click} [OK]

This is done so installed packages will be installed in “C:Program Files\R” instead of under your “Documents” directory. – The R Software package. – An improved Editor and Development Environment

R has the ability to incorporate many additional “packages” (over 3,300).
It’s recommended that you install the following packages to meet your coursework needs at NCSU. You may be introduced to additional R packages as you move into research.

  • install.packages(c("akima","bootstrap","devtools","fGarch","rmarkdown","lars"))
  • install.packages(c("MLEcens","prodlim","RankAggreg","Rlab","survival"))


RStudio is the preferred user environment when working with the R software. It is recommended when starting RStudio on department PCs you change the working directory with the following command or something similar:


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