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Remote Access


Statistics Students can use the VTL to access department resources remotely.

Statistics Faculty and Staff can “Remote Desktop” into their primary office computers following these instructions.

  • Leave your Office PC On.
  • Login to NCSU VPN
  • Open “Remote Desktop Connection” usually found in Windows Accessories.


    Computer: {lastname}
    • {Click} “Show Options” Left Corner
    • {Type} WOLFTECH\{UNITYID} in “User name” box
      (example: WOLFTECH\jdoe22)
    • {Check} “Allow me to save credentials”
    • {Click} “Save”
    • {Click} “Connect”
    • {Type} MyPack Password in “Password” box
    • {Click} OK

Future connections will be less clicks because it will remember VPN server and PC machine name and your login id.

Linux and Macs

Everyone needs to use the NCSU VPN software to access Department Resources.

Most Linux and Mac machines are only available via ssh access. Using the terminal from Macs or other Linux machines or Putty from Windows machines you can access department Linux machines provided you have been granted ssh access.

You will ssh using the hostname and login with your UNITYID and MyPack password. If you have questions please contact